Premium Site
Premium Site

This site is applicable for most small business and personal sites. While this is our starter site it contains many more features than higher end websites contain!

  1. Design of the website to your specifications.
  2. Content Management System so that the website owner has his own administration panel and can make changes to the website themselves or if they want others to do it for them then the time and cost to do it is greatly reduced.
  3. High End Website Template with the following features:
    1. 100% CSS/Table less design
    2. CSS/HTML Validation
    3. T3 Framework
    4. 1 to 3 column display and multiple module display and positioning
  4. Up to 10 content pages (sections) with typical navigation being:
    1. Home
    2. About Us
    3. Free Quote
      1. Data will be stored in backend of site
      2. The lead will be emailed to one or more emails you designate
    4. Our Product or Service
    5. FAQ’s
    6. Testimonials
    7. Contact Us
      1. Full contact info
      2. Active Google Map
      3. Hyperlinked email address
      4. Contact Form
  5. Additional Free installed scripts:
    1. Backup software so you can easily backup your own site
    2. Newsletter
    3. High end Firewall script
    4. High end WYSIWYG Editor
    5. Link Checker script
    6. Site membership system
    7. Polls
    8. Banner display system
  6. Three months free site support on work completed by us!
  7. Three months free hosting includes(no cash value):
    1. Your own web based email system
    2. Company branded email (site name)
    3. Automated website back up daily
    4. Control panel so you can do your own backups as well
    5. Video tutorials
    6. Full website traffic statistics
    7. Email forwarders
    8. Auto responders for email


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